Embracement is a light reactive installation. The work explores perception and interpretation of interpersonal interaction, through the device of optical illusion. Within a photo-dynamic crystal screen, fleeting image sequences of two women appear. All sequences commence with the women standing, facing each other, and with the younger woman striding towards the elder one. Subsequent interactions between the characters are placed ambiguously between affection and violent rejection.The nature of the relationship remains unresolved to the viewer as the projected image is interrupted by a shutter. The viewer is left with ephemeral glowing red afterimages of the women. This transient memory of the screen is due to the physics of the crystals, which absorb light and re-emit it at red wavelengths. This is not a software (e.g. Photoshop) effect, but a consequence of physical photoluminescence. Projection of images under computer control allows for indefinite variation in the repeating image sequences.

Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements: Data projector with high contrast ratio and output of at least 2,000 lumen, 240V power.

All other components are built into the work (custom made micro-computer and screen, computer controlled shutter etc).

Installation Requirements: A dark room of dimensions approximately 4m wide x 8m deep. Screen to be suspended from ceiling in position near the back of the room, so it can also be viewed from the back.

Details of Installation Components

Photodynamic screen dimensions: 1,630mm wide x 1,255mm high x 65mm deep.

Photodynamic screen mass: 32kg plus crate.

Micro-computer dimensions: 250mm wide x 300mm x 150mm deep plus packing.

Micro-computer mass: 6 kg plus crate.

Shutter is mounted between the data projector and the projector’s mounting plate.

  • embracement
  • embracement