Circle E: Fragile Balances


A wooden table-like object is placed opposite the Circle D: Fragile Balances work in the exhibition space. The object is made of has the same finish as the base from Circle D: Fragile Balances.

On the top of the ‘table’ sits a notepad and a pencil. A rotating brass drum is partially sunk into the table. Members of the audience are encouraged to write intimate notes for their loved ones and donate them to the project by feeding them through a slot into the drum when it pauses momentarily. All the intimate letters are scanned and, at a later stage, added as text to the dialogues between the Fish-Bird robot and the interactive cubes of Circle D: Fragile Balances.

In my mind this work closes the loop by allowing the audience to become participants by writing love letters intended either for their loved ones or for the Fish and Bird characters.

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